Spa Find Body

Spa Find...Heavenly Hydration Salt Brushing Treatment 30 mins £30

This luxury full body exfoliation, revitalises the body and mind, leaving the skin soft and smooth. It naturally exfoliates the skin without irritation and stimulates lymphatic circulation allowing for the safe removal of toxins from within the body therefore helping with cellulite. Not only does this treatment have an effect on the texture of the skin, but it also helps to heal the body and soothe nerve endings. The Spa Find…Heavenly Hydration treatment is completely relaxing, although most exfoliations are vigorous, this particular treatment has been compared to a full body massage. Its slow rhythmical movements are calming both mentally and physically and has the added results of a silky, smooth textured skin.

Spa Find...Infinite Indulgence Black Mud Body Treatment 1 hour 15 mins £60

This full body treatment begins with a full body exfoliation to improve the skins texture followed by the application of warm Black Mud all over, The Black Mud is rich in 21 essential minerals from the Dead Sea, that helps to hydrate and remineralise the skin. While being cocooned in the mud for twenty minutes, a heavenly scalp massage is performed, after which the mud is removed and moisturiser is lathered over the skin for complete nourishment. The Spa Find…Infinite Indulgence Treatment is for all skin types and helps to hydrate and refine the skins texture as well as aid in detoxification and improving stretch marks

Spa Find...Marine Miracle Algimud Body Treatment 1 hour 15 mins £60

Beginning with a luxury full body exfoliation, the skin is immediately softened and pre-treated ready for the penetration of the specialised mask which is based on a combination of Dead Sea Mud from the Dead Sea and Laminaria Digitata Seaweed from the Brittany coast in France. This unique combination gives an amazingly thick and creamy texture capable of unleashing all the active minerals and ingredients contained in both the mud and seaweed. The Algimud is a modelling mask that is based on alginates and helps combat cellulite in target areas. A scalp massage is performed while the Algimud mask performs miracles which allows for pure relaxation of both mind and body. Following the mask removal a specialised massage is performed on the targeted areas which increases the lymphatic flow and in turn improves the appearance of cellulite. The Spa Find…Marine Miracle Treatment tones and firms the skin, improves cellulite and fluid retention and nourishes and rehydrates the skin.

Spa Find...Body Bliss Spa Contour & Relax Treatment 1 hour 30 mins £70

This treatment combines the benefits of both Spa Find…Infinite Indulgence and Spa Find…Marine Miracle, making it perfect for those who want a full body treatment that relaxes and nourishes yet also targets problem areas. The Spa Find…Body Bliss Treatment leaves the skin soft and radiant, reduces the appearance of cellulite and hydrates and refines the skins texture.

Spa Find...Back Cleanse 1 hour £45

This treatment starts with a back exfoliation, followed by a "Back Facial" including a Mud Mask & Back Massage.